The Price of Inequality

  title={The Price of Inequality},
  author={Arthur Robert Jensen},
  journal={Oxford Review of Education},
  • A. Jensen
  • Published 1975
  • Economics
  • Oxford Review of Education
Do upcoming “Smart cities” need to provide smart distribution of higher urban economic growth? Evidence from Urban India
The present paper tries to understand the causes behind the emergence of India‘s large agglomeration (or giant cities) and how these large agglomerations are linked with economic growth. In addition,
In Search of a Wider Accounting Research Agenda in Light of the GFC, Failures and Other Business Disasters
The GFC experiences as they relate to accounting and business objectives lead to recommendations for future research in accounting. In particular the relationship to corporate strategy, risk
The Case of the International Monetary Fund and the 2008 Global Financial Crisis
In 2008, a speculative mortgage crisis originating in the United States (US) turned into a full-blown financial crisis, which then spread well beyond the US borders, becoming a global financial
  • Partha Protim Borthakur
  • Law
    Humanities & Social Sciences Reviews
  • 2019
Purpose: The present paper tries to cross-examine Sen’s notion of justice and to find a midway between the ideal and non-ideal theorizing of justice. Besides, searching for reconciliation between
A failure to communicate: the fact-value divide and the Putnam-Dasgupta debate: Essays on the Art and Craft of Economics
This paper considers the debate between economists and philosophers about the role of values in economic analysis by examining the recent debate between Hilary Putnam and Sir Partha Dasgupta. It
Consumption Externalities and Growth: Theory and Evidence for the United States
We study a series of growth models in which households' preferences display `jealousy' or `external habits': a negative dependence on average consumption. We argue that accounting for consumption
Economic Inequality and Social Entrepreneurship
This article explores the extent to which income inequality and income mobility—both considered indicators of economic inequality and conditions of formal regulatory institutions (government
Regional Inequality; Why It Matters, Why it Occurs and How It Might Be Addressed
Regional inequality is generally taken to refer to spatially distributed disparities in spending capacity, ability to consume non-public services, access to public services, and ability to consume
Inequality, Poor Governance and Legitimacy Deficits in the European Union
This article offers an interdisciplinary perspective on the drivers of political and economic crisis in the European Union. A growing body of literature highlights the detrimental effects of