The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life

  title={The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life},
  author={Erving Goffman},
hen an individual enters the presence of oth ers, they commonly seek to acquire information about him or to bring into play information about him already possessed. They will be interested in his general socio-economic status, his concep tion of self, his attitude toward them, his compe tence, his trustworthiness, etc. Although some of this information seems to be sought almost as an end in itself, there are usually quite practical reasons for acquiring it. Information about the individual… Expand
Self-description in everyday interaction: Generalizations about oneself as accounts of behavior
This article suggests that there are systematic ways in which the identity of the ‘self’, as created and performed through first-person markers, can be made relevant and consequential in particularExpand
Self-presentation: Signaling Personal and Social Characteristics
Self-presentation and impression management are used interchangeably to refer to any intentional effort to convey a particular impression of oneself to another person without respect to the accuracy or content of the effort. Expand
The Presentation of Self" To Contemporary Society
  • 2019
The Presentation of Self" To Contemporary Society In his book ‘The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life,’ Erving Goffman explores individuals’ interpersonal interaction in relation to how theyExpand
The Me and the Not-Me
Symbolic interactionists have long regarded identification of Self and Other as a key feature of social interaction (Blumer, 1962; Cooley, 1902; McCall & Simmons, 1978/1966; Mead, 1934).Expand
Behaviorism at fifty
Each of us is uniquely subject to certain kinds of stimulation from a small part of the universe within our skins. Mentalistic psychologies insist that other kinds of events, lacking the physicalExpand
Situational Rhetoric and Self-Presentation
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The Ability To Judge Others.
Gordon Allport believe(". that one could learn about the content and structure of people's personalities by looking at their expressive movements. While his expectations were not absolute, he digExpand


The rating and dating complex.
C OURTSHIP may be defined as the set of processes of association among the unmarried from which, in time, permanent matings usually emerge. This definition excludes those associations which cannotExpand
Social Strucrure and Interaction P rocesses on a Psychiatric Ward
  • American Journal o f Orthopsychiatry, XXII