The Pre-Flexnerian Reports: Mark Twain's Criticism of Medicine in the United States

  title={The Pre-Flexnerian Reports: Mark Twain's Criticism of Medicine in the United States},
  author={Patrick Ober},
  journal={Annals of Internal Medicine},
  • Patrick Ober
  • Published 15 January 1997
  • Medicine
  • Annals of Internal Medicine
The year 1910 is remembered for the long-predicted return of Halley's comet, the death of Mark Twain, and the publication of Abraham Flexner's famous treatise, Medical Education in the United States and Canada. The Flexner report criticized the medical education of its era as a loose and poorly structured apprenticeship system that generally lacked any defined standards or goals beyond the generation of financial profit [1]. Medical education eventually developed into a formalized scientific… 
American medical students in 19th-century Europe.
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Many Americans studied medicine in Britain in the 18th century, but the major influx to Europe began after 1815, when the French Revolution's reforms of health care and medical teaching had reached
A Program Evaluation of an Academic Integrative Healthcare Center: Barriers to, and facilitators in, applying Integrative Medicine to Primary Care
Although signs of integration were apparent, significant challenges still remained that prevented IHC providers from operating as academic hospital providers and an integrated interdisciplinary change strategy is needed that engages the I HC providers in mainstream transdisciplinary healthcare, education and research opportunities.
Professionalism, Where are You?
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Physicians can maintain a sense of professionalism despite all the difficulties and must do so in order to remain true to their ideals, according to the Dalai Lama.
Basic science curriculum in vascular surgery residency.
The panel recommends that a basic science curriculum should be comprehensive, yet clinically pertinent, and completely integrated with the clinical curriculum, and supports teaching conferences that are problem-based with a faculty member acting as the "resource person" and with specific goals set for the conferences.
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The debate presented here concerns the utility of animal studies on cancer treatment with homeopathic preparations and a response section in reaction to the companion thesis, and a rebuttal section to address issues raised in the companion response.
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Abstract Using humor, empathy, and improvisation to make science more accessible to the average person, the center has helped many scientists communicate more effectively about what they do. In many
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The concept of a product lifecycle is widely used in industry and can be used to develop strategies to anticipate and manage change. Although not widely recognized, the lifecycle of healthcare as a
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The Illusion of Deterministic Rules
The authors' view that the three hospital networks differ little in total number of lives saved at the 5-cm threshold for surgery is no longer supported, and the authors' table suggested that increasing numbers of lives are saved as one moves from network A to network C, is revealed.


Flexner's model and the future of medical education
  • R. Ebert
  • Education, Medicine
    Academic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges
  • 1992
Based on Flexner's educational philosophy rather than the four-year medical school model that bears his name, the education of the physician is reexamined and recommendations are made concerning the interface between the last three years of college and the first two years of medical school to better equip the future physician to face the complexities of medical practice in the next century.
Health policy implications of the holistic health movement.
This article delineates several of the more important policy issues raised by the holistic movement, a phenomenon that represents a challenge to the present organization of health care institutions as well as to scientific medicine.
A Larger Perspective on the Flexner Report
  • H. Berliner
  • Medicine
    International journal of health services : planning, administration, evaluation
  • 1975
The Flexner Report of 1910 is placed in the larger perspective of dynamics of American society in the years surrounding the turn of the 19th century to look at medicine as an integral part of society affected by the contradictions affecting the larger society.
Osteopathic medicine: A call for reform
  • C. Meyer, A. Price
  • Medicine
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The authors propose that osteopathic medicine return to its original mission of primary care, abandon or restrict specialty training to those who have completed primary care residencies, and rethink its separate-but-equal posture.
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Stage A 34-year-old homosexual man, who had been infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) since 1986 but without a defining illness of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS),
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