The Practice of Everyday Life

  title={The Practice of Everyday Life},
  author={B. W. Langer and Michael de Certeau},
  journal={Contemporary Sociology},
Preface General Introduction PART I: A VERY ORDINARY CULTURE I. A Common Place: Ordinary Language II. Popular Cultures: Ordinary Language III. Making Do: Uses and Tactics PART II: THEORIES OF THE ART OF PRACTICE IV. Foucault and Bourdieu V. The Arts of Theory VI. Story Time PART III: SPATIAL PRACTICES VII. Walking in the City VIII. Railway Navigation and Incarceration IX. Spatial Stories PART IV: Uses of Language X. The Scriptural Economy XI. Quotations of Voices XII. Reading as Poaching PART V… 

Making Exceptions: Media Art and Everyday Life

The objective of this paper is to develop a concept of exceptionality as a useful contrast to the concept of everyday life and the domestication of media artefacts as they have been developed in the

Language in Late Modernity: Interaction in an Urban School

1. Introduction Part I. Urban Classroom Discourse: 2. Talk in class at Central High 3. Popular culture in the classroom Part II. Performances of Deutsch: 4. Deutsch in improvised performance 5.

French Books of Hours: Making an Archive of Prayer, c.1400-1600

Introduction Part I. A Social History of the Book of Hours: Prologue to Part I 1. Culture and commerce 2. Owners and their books 3. Prayer book and primer Part II. An Ethnography of Prayer: Prologue

The mundane and insignificant, the ordinary and the extraordinary: Understanding Everyday Participation and theories of everyday life

ABSTRACT The Understanding Everyday Participation (UEP) research project questions “official” versions of what constitutes cultural participation and “proposes a radical re-evaluation of the

Performing Everyday Life

This chapter situates the genero chico criollo as the preeminent form of entertainment in Buenos Aires during the period of Argentina’s modernization. I argue that popular theater was crucial for

Self-Making Man: A Day of Action, Life, and Language

This book portrays one day in the communicative life of the owner of an auto repair-shop in Texas. He walks, looks, points, shows and explains engines, makes sense by gesture, speaks, manages, makes

Prologue: City-Theory and Writing, in Paris and Chicago: Space, Gender, Ethnicity

The modern city challenges writers to think anew, how to work with the difference it makes; in forming a writer’s consciousness, it creates new modes of writing, which are the subject of this

We Find Our Way About: Everyday Media Use and ‘Inhabitant Knowledge’

Abstract In this article, the author proposes that media uses in everyday living can helpfully be understood as practices of wayfaring. Whereas meaningful relations between media and their audiences

Why Everyday Life Matters: Class, Community and Making Life Livable

This article argues that studying everyday life is valuable because it makes sociologists attend to the routine and temporal aspects of social life. The ‘everyday’ brings the seasons of society into

Introduction: Basics and Beginnings

The first chapter offers an introduction to the Rum Polites through sharing of basic information about their social, historical, cultural backgrounds, and the spatial and temporal contexts of



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    The Practice of Everyday Life is unique for its emphasis on the consumer ( pedestrian , reader , the city dweller ) and consumer production Theories and Practices of Everyday Life THE PRACTICE OF

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