The Practice of Everyday (Media) Life: From Mass Consumption to Mass Cultural Production?

  title={The Practice of Everyday (Media) Life: From Mass Consumption to Mass Cultural Production?},
  author={Lev Manovich},
  journal={Critical Inquiry},
  pages={319 - 331}
  • Lev Manovich
  • Published 2009
  • Political Science, Art
  • Critical Inquiry
The explosion of user-created media content on the web (dating from, say, 2005) has unleashed a new media universe. (Other terms often used to refer to this phenomenon include social media and user-generated content.) On a practical level, this universe was made possible by free web platforms and inexpensive software tools that enable people to share their media and easily access media produced by others, cheaper prices for professionalquality devices such as HD video cameras, and the addition… 
People, things, ecologies: alienation as a driver for change in media
This paper results from a series of research projects in the Media and Design Academy working with the experience design approach, convinced that the ethnographic procedure of alienation enables the researcher to break media open into its different elements and to define the shifting mediascape as an ecology of people and tools (things), rather than a dichotomy.
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