The Powers of Quantum Mechanics: A Metametaphysical Discussion of the “Logos Approach”

  title={The Powers of Quantum Mechanics: A Metametaphysical Discussion of the “Logos Approach”},
  author={Raoni Wohnrath Arroyo and Jonas Rafael Becker Arenhart},
  journal={Foundations of Science},
This paper presents and critically discusses the “logos approach to quantum mechanics” from the point of view of the current debates concerning the relation between metaphysics and science. Due to its alleged direct connection with quantum formalism, the logos approach presents itself as a better alternative for understanding quantum mechanics than other available views. However, we present metaphysical and methodological difficulties that seem to clearly point to a different conclusion: the… 



The Logos Categorical Approach to Quantum Mechanics: II. Quantum Superpositions and Intensive Values

This paper argues that the logos categorical approach allows not only to better visualize the structural features of quantum superpositions providing an anschaulich content to all terms, but also to restore an objective representation of what QM is really talking about.

Between Physics and Metaphysics: A Discussion of the Status of Mind in Quantum Mechanics

We discuss the ‘Consciousness Causes Collapse Hypothesis’ (CCCH), the interpretation of quantum mechanics according to which consciousness solves the measurement problem. At first, it seems that the

Immanent Powers versus Causal Powers (Propensities, Latencies and Dispositions) in Quantum Mechanics

In this paper we compare two different notions of 'power', both of which attempt to provide a realist understanding of quantum mechanics grounded on the potential mode of existence. For this propose

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We discuss some methodological aspects of the relation between physics and metaphysics by dealing specifically with the case of non-relativistic quantum mechanics. Our main claim is that current

The Paraconsistent Logic of Quantum Superpositions

Physical superpositions exist both in classical and in quantum physics. However, what is exactly meant by ‘superposition’ in each case is extremely different. In this paper we discuss some of the

Against ‘Interpretation’: Quantum Mechanics Beyond Syntax and Semantics

It is argued that the traditional notion of “interpretation” within the syntax/semantic debate is not the same as that of the debate concerning the interpretation of quantum mechanics, and a different one with an emphasis on pure formalism is proposed.

Ontic structural realism and the interpretation of quantum mechanics

This paper argues that ontic structural realism (OSR) faces a dilemma: either it remains on the general level of realism with respect to the structure of a given theory, but then it is, like

Quantum Superpositions and the Representation of Physical Reality Beyond Measurement Outcomes and Mathematical Structures

This paper will attempt to replace the focus on the measurement problem, which concentrates on the justification of measurement outcomes from "weird" superposed states, and introduce the superposition problem which focuses instead on the conceptual representation of superpositions themselves.

A Defense of the Paraconsistent Approach to Quantum Superpositions (Reply to Arenhart and Krause)

  • C. de Ronde
  • Philosophy
    Metatheoria – Revista de Filosofía e Historia de la Ciencia
  • 2019
In da Costa and de Ronde (2013) we discussed the possibility of considering quantum superpositions in terms of a paraconsistent approach. We argued that, even though most interpretations of quantum

a Logical Account of Quantum Superpositions

In this paper we consider the phenomenon of superpositions in quantum mechanics and suggest a way to deal with the idea in a logical setting from a syntactical point of view, that is, as subsumed in