The Powers of 9 and Related Mathematical Tables from Babylon

  title={The Powers of 9 and Related Mathematical Tables from Babylon},
  author={Mathieu Ossendrijver},
  journal={Journal of Cuneiform Studies},
  pages={149 - 165}
  • M. Ossendrijver
  • Published 25 June 2013
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • Journal of Cuneiform Studies
Late-Babylonian mathematics (450-100 BC), represented by some 60 cuneiform tablets from Babylon and Uruk, is incompletely known compared to its abundantly preserved, well-studied Old-Babylonian predecessor (1800-1600 BC). With the present paper, 16 fragments from Babylon, probably belonging to 13 different tablets, are added to this corpus. Two remarkable tablets represent a hitherto unknown class of very large factorization tables that can be adequately described as Babylonian examples of… 
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Outre l'elucidation et l'interpretation du contenu de la tablette BM 132289, le but de cette note est de rassembler des indices permettant de discuter de la datation, notamment par comparaison avec

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Some Seleucid Mathematical Tables (Extended Reciprocals and Squares of Regular Numbers)

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    Journal of Cuneiform Studies
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The cuneiform mathematical texts which are available to us at present fall in the large, and probably accidentally, into two groups, one OldBabylonian, and the other Seleucid. A modern observer may

A Table of 4th Powers and Related Texts from Seleucid Babylon

BM 55557 (82-7-4, 147+204) is the upper right hand corner of what was once a large, well written tablet.' The top and right hand edges are preserved; to the left the tablet appears to have been

Two Atypical Multiplication Tables from Uruk

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A Babylonian multiplication table contains the numbers and the other probably, late. We know that a fragment of the first (U. 91 in Istanbul) was found together with fragments of mathematical

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A COMPREHENSIVE work on Babylonian mathematics in English has long been wanted. Apart from a few isolated articles in periodicals, the only material available hitherto was in German. The texts

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L'article porte sur les copies de six nouveaux textes mathematiques de la fin de la periode babylonienne publiees par Edgar von Weiher. Ces textes sont probablement d'epoque pre-Seleucide et donc

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