The Powers That Might Be: The Unity of White and Black Feminists

  title={The Powers That Might Be: The Unity of White and Black Feminists},
  author={Rosemarie C. Kopacsi and Audrey Olsen Faulkner},
  pages={33 - 50}
The contemporary women's movement has failed to bring together white women and women of color around a common agenda for social change that will be beneficial to all women. This article traces the history of the failed efforts of white women and black women to form permanent alliances for change. It suggests that the mutuality of goals related to work and family roles is a starting point for joint activities to reverse past separatism. The authors propose strategies that white feminist social… 

Interacting Oppressions: Teaching Social Work Content on Women of Color

Women of color stand at a critical juncture, subject to the interactions of racism and sexism in every arena of their lives. Yet, social work educators most often present issues of race and gender


  • L. Napholz
  • Psychology
    Health care for women international
  • 2000
Support for retraditionalization of roles for this group of Indian women was maintained as an effective means of balancing roles and achieving Indian self-determination.

Women and Interracial Cooperation in Establishing the Good Samaritan Hospital

This article focuses on the strategic importance of the roles of African American and White women in establishing the Good Samaritan Hospital in 1891 and on the groups' interracial cooperation in

Sex Role Orientation and Psychological Well-Being among Working Black Women

The purpose of this study was to identify the relationship of sex role orientation to indices of psychological well-being among 113 Black multiple-role working women. Analyses revealed significant

Mental health and American Indian women's multiple roles.

  • L. Napholz
  • Psychology
    American Indian and Alaska native mental health research : journal of the National Center
  • 1995
This study identified the relationship of sex role orientation to indices of psychological well-being among 148 American Indian working women from the Midwest and revealed that the sex-typed group had significantly higher depression scores, higher role conflict scores, lower self-esteem scores and lower life satisfaction scores.

A Preliminary Analysis of the Effects of a Stress Reduction Psychoeducational Intervention on African American Working Women

The primary purpose of this research was to provide an initial test of the effects of a six-session stress reduction psychoeducational intervention to enhance psychological well-being and reduce role

American Indian and Alaska Native Mental Health Research

Because alcoholism is said to be exacerbated by stress, a review was undertaken to determine whether or not a causal relationship could be identified between psychogenic stress and alcohol abuse.

The paradox of the advantaged elder and the feminization of poverty.

The theoretical shortcomings of both concepts are examined, and a broader model of economic well-being that emphasizes the interactive nature of gender, race, and class is proposed.



A Response to Inequality: Black Women, Racism, and Sexism

  • D. K. Lewis
  • Sociology
    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 1977
The women's liberation movement has generated a number of theories about female inequality. Because the models usually focus exclusively upon the effects of sexism, they have been of limited

A Voice from the South

Considered one of the original texts foretelling the black feminist movement, this collection of essays, first published in 1892, offers an unparalleled view into the thought of black women writers

Feminist Principles and Minority Concerns: Contributions, Problems, and Solutions

This article examines three basic tenets of feminist theorylideology as examples of feminist principles that are particularly compelling in informing social work practice with ethnic minorities. It

The Negro Family: The Case for National Action

The removal of legal obstacles to equality of opportunity did not directly lead—and has not yet led—to equal results for African Americans considered as a group. Partly as a result, the demand for

Social Class, Ethnicity, and Family Functioning: Exploring Some Issues Raised by the Moynihan Report

The study presented below is a research report which seeks to shed light on the relationship between the social functioning of urban families and their ethnic status. More specifically, this research

Statistical abstract of the United States

1 Includes drainage basin of Red River of the North, not a part of any accession, but in the past sometimes considered a part of the Louisiana Purchase. i Includes Baker, Canton, Enderbury, Rowland,