The Power of the State: How Postcards from the State Increased Registration and Turnout in Pennsylvania

  title={The Power of the State: How Postcards from the State Increased Registration and Turnout in Pennsylvania},
  author={Lisa A. Bryant and Michael J. Hanmer and Alauna C. Safarpour and Jared McDonald},
  journal={Political Behavior},
Unlike citizens in nearly all other democracies, most U.S. citizens bear the responsibility for registering to vote. We test whether states can help citizens overcome the barriers to registration and turnout using a simple postcard. To do this, we leverage a new program that brings states together to improve the quality of their voter registration rolls and generate lists of eligible but unregistered citizens. Using a unique list of eligible but unregistered citizens from the Pennsylvania… Expand
The racial burden of voter list maintenance errors: Evidence from Wisconsin’s supplemental movers poll books
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