The Power of Tree Series Transducers of Type I and II

  title={The Power of Tree Series Transducers of Type I and II},
  author={Andreas Maletti},
  booktitle={Developments in Language Theory},
  • A. Maletti
  • Published in
    Developments in Language…
    4 July 2005
  • Mathematics
The power of tree series transducers of type I and II is studied for IO as well as OI tree series substitution. More precisely, it is shown that the IO tree series transformations of type I (respectively, type II) are characterized by the composition of homomorphism top-down IO tree series transformations with bottom-up (respectively, linear bottom-up) IO tree series transformations. On the other hand, polynomial OI tree series transducers of type I and II and top-down OI tree series… 

Compositions of tree series transformations

  • A. Maletti
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    Theor. Comput. Sci.
  • 2006

Tree-Series-to-Tree-Series Transformations

A syntactical condition is established that guarantees well-definedness of the tree-series-to-tree-series (ts-ts) transformation in arbitrary commutative semirings, so that well- definedness is decidable in this scenario.

Hierarchies of Tree Series Transformations Revisited

  • A. Maletti
  • Mathematics
    Developments in Language Theory
  • 2006
Tree series transformations computed by polynomial top-down and bottom-up tree series transducers are considered and commutative izz-semirings (izz abbreviates idempotent, zero-sum and zero-divisor free) is generalized to arbitrary positive Commutative semirings.

Weighted Tree Automata and Tree Transducers

The equivalence between recognizable tree series and equational, rational, and MSO-definable tree series is discussed, and a comparison of several other models of recognizability is presented.

Survey: Weighted Extended Top-down Tree Transducers Part I - Basics and Expressive Power

This survey presents the foundations for a theoretical analysis of weighted extended top-down tree transducers and discusses essentially complete semirings, which are a novel concept that can be used to lift incomparability results from the un weights to the weighted case even in the presence of innite sums.

Weighted tree automata and transducers for syntactic natural language processing

This thesis produces an implementation of a functional weighted tree transducer toolkit that uses analogous algorithms needed to perform weighted extended top-down tree transducers, and demonstrates the performance and utility of these algorithms in multiple empirical experiments on machine translation data.



Bottom-Up and Top-Down Tree Series Transformations

The standard case of tree transducers is reobtained by choosing the boolean semiring under the t-ts semantics and certain fundamental constructions and results concerning bottom-up and top-down tree Transducers can be generalized for the corresponding tree series transducers.

Tree Series Transformations that Respect Copying

This paper compares the two different ways of computing tree-to-tree series transformations and shows that, for the -substitution, fundamental relations from the theory of tree transducers carry over to tree series transducers.

Bottom-up and top-down tree transformations— a comparison

A new tree transformation model is introduced which generalizes both the top-down and the bottom-up tree transducer, and is used to give simple proofs of composition results concerning bottom- up tree transformations.

Tree Transducers and Formal Tree Series

  • W. Kuich
  • Computer Science
    Acta Cybern.
  • 1999
W e introduce tree transducers over formal tree series as a generalization of a restricted type of root-to-frontier tree transducers and show that linear nondeleting recognizable tree transducers do

Formal Tree Series

This survey reports on generalizations of some results on formal tree languages, tree grammars and tree automata achieved by an algebraic treatment using semirings, fixed point theory, formal tree series and matrices that are very satisfactory from a mathematical point of view.

Context-Free Series on Trees

We investigate context-free (CF) series on trees with coefficients on a semiring; they are obtained as components of the least solutions of systems of equations having polynomials on their right-hand

Recognizable Formal Power Series on Trees

Determinization of Finite State Weighted Tree Automata

It is proved sufficient conditions under which the partial determinization produces a bottom-up finite state weighted tree automaton which is equivalent to the original one.

Jewels are Forever, Contributions on Theoretical Computer Science in Honor of Arto Salomaa

This book is a tribute to Arto Salomaa, a towering figure of theoretical computer science, and constitutes a comprehensive state-of-the-art survey of his many research areas.

Formal Power Series over Trees

  • W. Kuich
  • Mathematics
    Developments in Language Theory
  • 1997