The Power of Surface-Based DNA Computation

  title={The Power of Surface-Based DNA Computation},
  author={Weiping Cai and Anne E. Condon and Robert M. Corn and Elton Glaser and Zhengdong Fei and Tony Frutos and Zhen Guo and Max G. Lagally and Qinghua Liu and Lloyd M. Smith and Andrew and ThielUniversity and of and WisconsinMadison},
A new model of DNA computation that is based on surface chemistry is studied. Such computations involve the manipulation of DNA strands that are immobilized on a surface, rather than in solution as in the work of Adleman. Surface-based chemistry has been a critical technology in many recent advances in biochemistry and ooers several advantages over solution-based chemistry, including simpliied handling of samples and elimination of loss of strands, which reduce error in the computation. The… CONTINUE READING