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The Power of Pleasure Reading: What We Can Learn from the Secret Reading Lives of Teens

  title={The Power of Pleasure Reading: What We Can Learn from the Secret Reading Lives of Teens},
  author={Jeffrey D. Wilhelm and Michael W. Smith},
  journal={English Journal},
The authors share findings from a recent study of teens who freely select to read texts typically marginalized by schools (dystopia, vampire, romance, horror, fantasy), revealing the distinct functional and psychological benefits of pleasure reading.Over the last 30-plus years, we've both had numerous conversations and sometimes even debates with parents, administrators, and other teachers about the value of the books that students most want to read and that they read with the greatest joy and… 

Perceptions of moral identity development through the reading experiences of adolescent girls in an international school setting: an interpretive phenomenological analysis.

Current global trends in education continue to question the value of fiction within school and promote a culture of testing and standardization. Instructional practices that promote testing as the

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Reading opens up wide-reaching paths for knowledge as it deepens the feelings of empathy. Therefore, it represents a unique skill consists of a mixture of several procedures that encourage the

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Research indicates that feeling is fundamental to the multilayered experience of literary interpretation. However, despite great strides in U.S. high school classrooms, discussions about literature

Individual reading styles: a narrative approach to understanding reading behaviour

  • J. Milne
  • Education, Psychology
    SN Social Sciences
  • 2021
This article reports on the findings from a study that intended to consider the validity of a model of reading comprehension. In the process of coding the resulting verbal protocols, the ‘feel’ or

Embracing the Other in Gothic Texts: Cultivating Understanding in the Reading Classroom

This case study explores the understandings that seventh graders constructed with Gothic texts in a reading unit designed by the researcher. Gothic is a fictional genre defined by horror and mystery.

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It is known that in many of the developed countries of the world, especially the U.S.A, educators benefit from dystopic works in education and training of the topics such as historical consciousness,

Authority and authenticity in teachers’ questions about literature in three contexts

Purpose This study aims to explore the authentic questioning practices of English Language Arts teachers. Although language arts (LA) education emphasizes the value of authentic questions in

Negotiating Subjectivities Through Literature: Anticolonial Counternarrative Fiction Book Clubs and Their Possibilities

“Tired of reading straight, racist, colonial fiction?... Want to read meaningful anti-colonial fiction that disrupts racism on Turtle Island?” This is the call I put out to engage participants in

The Impact of Reading for Pleasure - Examining the Role of Videos as a Tool for Improving Reading Comprehension

In this study we discuss the value of videos editing designed to enhance reading comprehension in students from the Faculty of Teacher Training of the University of Valencia. First, we present the

Influences on Australian adolescents’ recreational reading

Competence in literacy skills has long been associated with educational (Moore, Bean, Birdyshaw & Rycik, 1999; Sullivan & Brown, 2015), vocational (Kirsch et al., 2002; Zasacka, 2014) and social