The Power of Identity

  title={The Power of Identity},
  author={M. Castells},
From the Publisher: Manuel Castells describes the origins, purpose and effect of proactive movements, such as feminism and environmentalism, which aim to transform human relationships at their most fundamental level; and of reactive movements that build trenches of resistance on behalf of God, nation, ethnicity, family, or locality. The fundamental categories of existence, the author shows, are threatened by the combined, contradictory assault of techno-economic forces and transformative… 
The Substance of Identity: Territoriality, Culture, Roots and the Politics of Belonging
Post-apartheid South Africa is at the interface of defining its social fibre, but at the same time, it is faced with the challenge of dealing with historical mishaps such as acute socio-economic
The purpose of the study is a political and theoretical analysis of the phenomenon of simulated reality, its impact on the transformation of national-state identity, understood as a macropolitical
The Global, the Local and the Personal: The Dynamics of a Social Movement in Postmodernity
For over a century key social movements have operated on a world stage, with internationalist ethics and a global political imaginary. Labour movements, women’s movements, peace movements, and, more
An Analysis of National Identity and its Sextet Dimensions in Isfahan City
Introduction Entering the twenty-first century, the world witnessed several major developments that affect all aspects of human life, and in the midst of one of the most challenging changes, it is a
Brazil has been known for the strength and diversity of its social movements and for women having always constituted an important part of them. More importantly, over the last three decades, women in
Region and place: regional identity in question
Identity, a term that was not yet included in Williams’ important Keywords: a vocabulary of culture and society (1976), has become a major watchword since the 1980s. Traditional territorialized
Transnationalism: Issues and Perspectives
Well-known social scientist and humanist from USA, Latin America and Spain, such as Saskia Sassen, Garcia Canclini or Monsivais, worked together at an international conference held in Los Angeles
Disenfranchised women, identity and power : the potential of community arts and cooperatives
This thesis attempts to re-validate the unique social contributions of marginalised and working women to their communities and to society-at-large, contributions which tend to be obscured if not
Nation-States, Transnational Spaces, and Family Linkages
The global transformations of the latter part of the twentieth and early ­twenty-first centuries have been accompanied by critical debates about the role of the nation-state and its relationship to
Human rights and citizenship in post-apartheid South Africa
Abstract The South African constitutional discourse is the foundational agency that produces citizenship, centring subjectivity as a relational engagement with the existential reality of the everyday


Identity: Cultural Change and the Struggle for Self
After delineating his theory of identity, Professor Baumeister draws on a wealth of historical, cultural, philosophical, literary, and psychological evidence - from the birth of the 'hidden self'
Outline of a theory of practice
Pierre Bourdieu develops a theory of practice which is simultaneously a critique of the methods and postures of social science and a general account of how human action should be understood, able to transcend the dichotomies which have shaped theoretical thinking about the social world.
Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste
Preface to the English-Language Edition Introduction PART I A SOCIAL CRITIQUE OF THE JUDGEMENT OF TASTE 1. The Aristocracy of Culture The Titles of Cultural Nobility Cultural Pedigree PART II THE
Questions of Cultural Identity
Introduction - Stuart Hall Who Needs 'Identity'? From Pilgrim to Tourist - or a Short History of Identity - Zygmunt Bauman Enabling Identity? - Marilyn Strathern Biology, Choice and the New
Space, Place, and Gender
Although written in the British context, Laurine Platzky believes Doreen Massey's Space, Place and Gender is an important contribution to feminist literature in South Africa as it offers lessons for
The laws of migration