The Power of Global Aging

  title={The Power of Global Aging},
  author={Jason L. Powell},
  journal={Ageing International},
  • J. Powell
  • Published 1 May 2018
  • Political Science
  • Ageing International
The principal aim of this article is to analyse the swift expansion in the proportion of older people across the globe, and to highlight the main social and economic forces causing this. Specific areas of the globe such as North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa will be focused on in detail before I discuss some of the key challenges and consequences of global aging for global society. The paper is underpinned by a political economy of aging perspective that highlights how… 

Scientometric Analysis of Global Scientific Literature on Aging in Place

A bibliometric analysis of the current status of the aging in place research themes published as scientific articles between 1970 and 2021, using the Web of Science database reveals a continuous growing trend.

An integrative review of the factors related to building age-friendly rural communities.

Rural communities are changing rapidly and are becoming increasingly diverse environments, which can help or hinder age-friendliness, and the fundamental starting point for age-friendly initiatives is establishing older peoples' perceptions of their own communities.

The raising of the normal retirement age (NRA) in the ageing era in the advanced countries: the dilemma between securing the stability of the pension system versus the risk of increasing unemployment

ABSTRACT Due to the rapid increase in the population ageing worldwide, this study explores the effect of raising the Normal Retirement Age (NRA) on unemployment by age groups in 30 advanced

Negotiating intergenerational relations and care in diverse African contexts

Concerns about spaces of age segregation and generational separation in people's lives appear to reflect the interests of research and policy in the global North. In diverse contexts in Africa, the

Analysis of the Dynamics of Cardiovascular Health in the Population of Ivano-Frankivsk Region over the Past Seventeen Years

Important factors affecting life expectancy of Ivano-Frankivsk region residents include morbidity and mortality due to cardiovascular diseases which have increased recently.

Situating occupation in social relations of power: Occupational possibilities, ageism and the retirement 'choice'

A focus on power in relation to occupation as it intersects with a variety of social markers can provide a nexus to inter-connect socially transformative work in occupational therapy and occupational science, advancing the shared intent of promoting human flourishing through occupation.

Applying the Disruptive Innovation Framework to the Silver Market

Despite the increased attention that the topic of aging and technology is receiving from academia, policy and business practice, both conceptual and empirical research in this area is still scarce.

Individualised Nursing Care in Older People Care

A review of studies published in English analysing the delivery of individualised care in facilities for older people found that the main barriers were the lack of knowledge and training opportunities, along with rewards and recognition for a job well done.

Exploring the mobility preferences and perceived difficulties in using transport and driving with a sample of healthy and outpatient older adults in Singapore.

This study explored public transport and car use among a sample of older adults in Singapore to access desired activities and identified difficulties with both public and private transportation use, such as difficulty maintaining balance/obtaining a seat, and concerns with decreased ability to respond quickly to traffic situations.



A World Bank perspective on pension reform

This report highlights the World Bank's thinking and worldwide involvement in pension reform. Both are driven by the Bank's mandate to help countries develop economically and to reduce poverty. The

Ageing and transnational householding: Japanese retirees in Southeast Asia

The provision of elderly care in Japan has long been dependent on female family members. However, because of the rise in the number of delayed marriages, the increase in divorce and non-marriage and

New Perspectives on China and Aging

Preface Introduction Child Coresidence among Older Adults Living in Beijing, China: Trends, Determinants and Transitions Pension Reform in China - Who are left out? Grandparents Who Care for their

Social Theory and Aging

This book discusses the relationship of Social Theory and Aging, Postmodernism, Culture and Aging Body, and the 'Foucault Effect' and Aging.

[World report on violence and health].

The first World Report on Violence and Health analyses different types of violence including child abuse and neglect, youth violence, intimate partner violence, sexual violence, elder abuse, self-directed violence, and collective violence.

Changes in the prevalence of chronic disability in the United States black and nonblack population above age 65 from 1982 to 1999

  • K. MantonXiliang Gu
  • Medicine
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • 2001
It is found that disability continued to decline in the 1994 to 1999 period, and that the decline was greater in the 1990s than in the 1980s.

Demographic Changes, Saving, and Current Account in East Asia

This paper analyzes the empirical relationships among demographic changes, saving, and current account balances in East Asia. The panel Vector-Auto Regressive (VAR) model shows that an increase in

The Changing Population of China . Edited by Peng Xizhe and Guo Zhigang. Malden, Mass.: Blackwell Publishers, Inc., 2000. $29.95.

1. Introduction.2. Trends and Geographic Differentials in Mortality: Hao Hongsheng. 3. Trends and Regional Differentials in Fertility Transition: Tu Ping.4. Health and Health Care in Transition: Tang

Social Security Programs and Retirement Around the World: The Relationship to Youth Employment, Introduction and Summary

This is the introduction and summary to the fourth phase of an ongoing project on Social Security Programs and Retirement Around the World. The first phase described the retirement incentives

Situating Social Theory

Description: Examines the implications of developments, challenges and disputes that have become important to debates in social theory, including fresh commentaries on key authors. This edition also