The Power of Business

  title={The Power of Business},
  author={Doris Fuchs and Markus Lederer},
  journal={Business and Politics},
  pages={1 - 17}
The introduction to the special issue develops a systematic and theoretically grounded framework for assessing business power in global governance. It is shown that power is said to have shifted from the world of states to the world of business. However, in order to evaluate such a claim first a differentiation of power in its instrumental, structural, and discursive facets is necessary. It is furthermore explained that the strength of such a three-dimensional assessment is that it combines… 

The Power of Transnational Private Governance: Financialization and the IASB

This investigation of accounting standard setting as a case of business power in global governance links together three facets of power. First we examine the discursive power of international

The Power of Ideas: The Ideational Shaping of the Structural Power of Business

It is now widely accepted that the classic arguments regarding the “structural power” of business are too “structuralist.” Subsequent research has focused on a widening array of independent variables

How does business power operate? A framework for its working mechanisms

Abstract The global financial crisis of 2008, its following bank bailouts, and associated corporate impunity sparked a renewed interest in the concept of the structural power of business and the

Corporate Political Activity: A Literature Review and Research Agenda

This paper reviews the diverse literature on corporate political activity (CPA) and develops a framework that details and integrates existing research in this field. A systematic analysis of extant

A critical perspective on corporate social responsibility

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to argue that there are structural and functional limits to corporate social responsibility (CSR) that determine the boundary conditions of corporate social

The Multinational Corporation as a Political Actor: ‘Varieties of Capitalism’ Revisited

This paper argues that the literature examining the role that MNCs play in ‘political CSR’—an emerging area of management research concern—can be enhanced by more a fulsome examination of the

The Multinational Corporation as a Political Actor: ‘Varieties of Capitalism’ Revisited

This paper argues that the literature examining the role that MNCs play in ‘political CSR’—an emerging area of management research concern—can be enhanced by more a fulsome examination of the

Modern slavery and international business scholarship: the governance nexus

Purpose Modern slavery is a problem that international business (IB) research can no longer ignore. Multinational enterprises (MNEs) are often contributors to the persistence of modern slavery, by

The Structural Power of Business and the Power of Ideas: The Strange Case of the Australian Mining Tax

In 2010 the Australian federal government fought and lost an intense and very public battle with the country's mining industry over the introduction of a new ‘super-profits’ tax. The proposed tax was

Non-Market Strategy Literature Review: The Government Relations Component

  • R. Navarro
  • Business
    The International Journal of Business & Management
  • 2019
This work presents a contemporary literature review of selected materials regarding the growing non-market strategy field over the last 25 years, as part of the research conducted by the author



Non-State Actors in Global Governance. Three Faces of Power

The political power of non-state actors (NSAs) remains a contested issue, as the continuing debates between neo-realists and transnationalists within the Study of International Relations (SIR) show.

Discourse as Capability: Non-State Actors' Capital in Global Governance

This article examines the power of non-state actors in transnational discourse. It sets out to construct an analytical framework for the study of power understood as effective social and linguistic

Location “Authority” in the Global Political Economy

This article addresses the problematic nature of “authority” in the global political economy. Focusing on the rules governing international commercial relations, which today form part of the

The state in capitalist society

Presenting a sustained and concrete challenge to the current political consensus, this reference identifies the radical alternative of adopting socialism as the key issue facing civilization and the

The concept of power

What is “power”? Most people have an intuitive notion of what it means. But scientists have not yet formulated a statement of the concept of power that is rigorous enough to be of use in the

Beyond Seattle: globalization, the nonmarket environment and corporate strategy

Globalization is changing MNEs' nonmarket environments in four ways. First, instead of a 'retreat' of the state across sectors, it is leading to deregulation as well as reregulation. Because

Governance without Government: Order and Change in World Politics

Preface Contributors 1. Governance, order and change in world politics James N. Rosenau 2. Governance with government: polyarchy in nineteenth-century European international politics K. J. Holsti 3.

Facetten der Macht

Abstract Social power has many facets. This paper aims to illuminate some of these. First of all, it considers the general conceptual framework in which the concept of power is embedded. The author

Non-state actors and authority in the global system

Introduction: globalisation and non-state actors Richard A. Higgott, Geoffrey R. D. Underhill and Andreas Bieler Part I. Theoretical considerations: the changing nature of authority relations 1. Who

Power and Poverty

Poverty alleviation is one of the main objectives of the International Bank for Reconstruction an Development since the early 1970s. The following analysis based on a sample of texts of the former