The Postpartum Support Questionnaire: reliability and validity.

  title={The Postpartum Support Questionnaire: reliability and validity.},
  author={M Cynthia Logsdon and Wayne M. Usui and John C Birkimer and Angela Barron McBride},
  journal={Journal of nursing measurement},
  volume={4 2},
Support has been found to be related to perinatal health, resulting in the development of the Postpartum Support Questionnaire based on the four categories of support (informational, material, emotional and comparison) identified by House (1981) and Cronenwett (1985). Data from four studies (N = 207) provided evidence of the psychometric properties of the instrument. Internal consistency reliability was demonstrated (alpha = .90 to .94 for total instrument). Test-retest reliability ranged from… CONTINUE READING

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