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The Postcolonial Aura : Third World Criticism in the Age of Global Capitalism

  title={The Postcolonial Aura : Third World Criticism in the Age of Global Capitalism},
  author={Ella Shohat},
My being (more or less) one of the Third World intellectuals in First World academe does not privilege the criticism of postcolonial intellectuals that I offer below, but it does call for some comment. It is not clear to me how important the views I discuss (or the intellectuals who promote them) are in their impact on contemporary intellectual life. Postcolonial has been entering the lexicon of academic programs in recent years, and over the last two years there have been a number of… 

Postcolonial desire: placing Singapore

This paper examines the possible utility of postcolonialism as a mode of intellectual or social critique in Singapore, arguing that while the concerns of postcolonial studies are relevant to a

Postcolonial criticism, ecocriticism and climate change: A tale of Melbourne under water in 2035

The difficulty that postcolonial critics have found in opposing the recent, aggressive phase of capitalism known as “globalization” has led to a crisis of relevancy in the discipline. Engaging with

Introduction to the Special Issue

It will not be an overstatement to say that postcolonial theory remains the single most influential theoretical approach to the study of non-Western societies or the Third World, after Marxism.


For many practitioners of postcolonial criticism in Taiwan studies, postcolonialism is coextensive with identity politics. Often glossing over the diverse and even conflicting approaches to the


Contrary to definition, postcolonial critique is not even about colonialism, literally. What it really refers to on the other hand and in what sense it is ‘post’ are more difficult to answer. In

Postcolonial memories and lusophone literatures

By focusing almost exclusively on the circumstances of British colonialism, postcolonial theory has failed to take into consideration other histories of colonization and other forms of

Postcolonial studies and the anxiety of interdisciplinarity

In 1998, Black Dog Press released the second of Alex Coles and Alexia Defert’s edited collections of academic essays, published under the masthead de-, dis-, ex: Interdisciplinarity :


This special issue of Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies addresses the two related yet distinct challenges confronting what we term ‘postcolonial American studies’. As a

Derrida, Autobiography and Postcoloniality

The question of Derrida's relationship with postcolonial theory has for a long time been a fraught one. Some of the major postcolonial critics engage directly with Derrida's reflections on

Articulating a World of Difference Ecocriticism , Postcolonialism and Globalization

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In The World, the Text and the Critic, Edward Said counters the generally textualist tendency of literary critical conversation of the early nineteen-eighties with an argument about the essential