The Possibility of a Gender-Transcendent God: Taking Macmurray Forward

  title={The Possibility of a Gender-Transcendent God: Taking Macmurray Forward},
  author={E Mclntosh},
  journal={Feminist Theology},
  pages={236 - 255}
  • E. Mclntosh
  • Published 1 January 2007
  • Philosophy
  • Feminist Theology
This paper borrows from philosopher John Macmurray's insightsin order to advance work in feminist theology relating to perceptions of God. Mac-murray argues that we cannot have an adequate concept of a personalGod, if our concept of the human person is inadequate.He asserts that we are persons by virtue of our agency and our personal relationships; hence, the growth and development of persons requires communities of equals. Beliefin God, then, is an attitude expressed through behaviour that… 
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