The Population Commission and demographic research: an overview.

  • G J Stolnitz
  • Published 1986 in Population bulletin of the United Nations


8 papers are introduced, on demographic research carried out under the direction of the Population Commission: 1) Demographic estimates and projections: a review of the Population Division's provision of periodic assessments of global population growth. 2) Fertility and Family Planning (FP), describing UN research on fertility levels and FP behavior; 3) Mortality, describing the synthesizing of national and regional research on mortality issues; developing and disseminating of methods for improving estimates of levels, trends, and analysis standards in mortality and standards of analysis; and the bringing together of diverse researchers to discuss global mortality issues; 4) Urbanization and internal migration, dealing with estimates and projections; monitoring of trends; urban and metropolitan growth; demographic and socioeconomic aspects of urbanization and internal migration; 5) International migration, discussing statistics; levels and trends; policies; and socioeconomic aspects of migration; 6) The UN manuals for population analysis, describing the formulation of manuals to help governments with population research; 7) Interrelationships between population and development, an area of research where much work is still to be done, and which is now a major endeavor of the Division; and 8) Population Policy, reviewing UN efforts at policy formulation. Policy analysis has also emerged as a major part of the Division's work. The overview concludes with an identification of significant gaps in Division research work: in particular, in the study of internal migration and population aging, and in comparative studies on how population trends affect needs and targets in particular sectors.

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