The Pop Culture of Sex: An Evolutionary Window on the Worlds of Pornography and Romance

  title={The Pop Culture of Sex: An Evolutionary Window on the Worlds of Pornography and Romance},
  author={Catherine A. Salmon},
  journal={Review of General Psychology},
  pages={152 - 160}
  • C. Salmon
  • Published 1 June 2012
  • Art
  • Review of General Psychology
Pornography and romance, at first glance they seem to be two genres that are almost polar opposites. Yet both are the products of our evolved human sexuality and both have been the subjects of a variety of authors and researchers. Particularly in the case of pornography, some have argued strongly against its very existence, charging it, its creators and consumers with many of the evils in the world (real and imagined). In the case of romance, many have been derogatory and dismissive of the… 

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