The Pollution Load by Nitrogen and Phosphorus IN the Jadro River

  title={The Pollution Load by Nitrogen and Phosphorus IN the Jadro River},
  author={Nives {\vs}tambuk-Giljanovi{\'c}},
  journal={Environmental Monitoring and Assessment},
The objective of the investigations of the Jadro River, located in Croatia, was to estimate the nitrogen and phosphorus loads in the Jadro River spring and its streamflow by calculating the load in kg/day or tons/year and to compare this with the load for the maximum allowed concentrations (MAC) for drinking water (Official Bulletin, No 46/94) expressed in kg/day or tons/year.Daily pollution loads at the Jadro River spring for total N ranged from 0 to 304 kg, for NH3-N from 0 to 38 kg, for NO3… 

Impact of extreme oxygen consumption by pollutants on macroinvertebrate assemblages in plain rivers of the Ziya River Basin, north China

The results showed an all-around hypoxia environment formed, and the values of DO, SOD, CODCr, and NH4+-N had both positive and negative impacts on benthic animals, for instance, Dicrotendipes, Gomphus, Cricotopus, etc., for the former, and Procladius, Limnodrilus, Hippeutis, etc, for the latter.

Nutrient Distribution in a Fish Pond at Rwasave Fish Farming and Research Station, Rwanda

This paper reports on the study nutrient distribution in the fish pond carried out at Rwasave at Fish Farming and Research Station in Butare, Rwanda. The purpose of the study was to determine the

Tundzha River water quality as a source for irrigation in agriculture.

KOSTADINOVA, G., N. GEORGIEVA, Z. YANEVA, G. PETKOV, M. TODOROVA and Ch. MITEVA, 2013. Tundzha River water quality as a source for irrigation in agriculture. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 19: 635-643 The aim

Removal of hazardous pollutants from wastewaters: applications of TiO 2 -SiO 2 mixed oxide materials

The direct release of untreated wastewaters from various industries and households results in the release of toxic pollutants to the aquatic environment. Advanced oxidation processes (AOP) have

The Action of Nitrogen and Phosphorus on Fertility of Invertebrate Animals ( Drosophila melanogaster )

It was found that the effect of toxicants depended on their concentration as well as on sex of fruitflies and type of generation (F 1 or F 2 ).

Vulnerability and protection aspects of some Dinaric karst aquifers: a synthesis

The present paper aims to address the sustainable management issues of karst water sources in Slovenia and Croatia. It focuses on the Mediterranean part of the Dinaric karst, which holds important

Mixing and Transport

In order to truly understand the physics of environmental flow, one must understand the mixing and transport process. A better understanding of mixing and transport phenomena will in turn be crucial

Modeliranje specifične ranjivosti podzemnih voda u uvjetima krša na području Dugopolja : doktorski rad

Tijekom proteklih pedeset godina javnost je prepoznala potrebu za ocuvanjem kakoce i kolicine podzemne vode kao bitnog izvora pitke vode u Hrvatsko



Comparison of Dalmatian Water Evaluation Indices

  • Nives štambuk-Giljanović
  • Environmental Science
    Water environment research : a research publication of the Water Environment Federation
  • 2003
A comparison of the indices showed that the arithmetic modified index and Solway modified index are relatively similar for high-quality water (i.e., they enable better discrimination between high- and low- quality water) and both indices tend to yield a lower index number for low-quality waters.