The Pollen Wasps: Ecology and Natural History of the Masarinae

  title={The Pollen Wasps: Ecology and Natural History of the Masarinae},
  author={S. Gess},
Wasps of the family Masarinae are sometimes called "pollen wasps" because they are the only wasps that - like bees - provision their nest cells with pollen and nectar. Numbering a little over 300 known species, they favour regions of the world with hot, dry climates and scrubby vegetation, and are especially plentiful and diverse in southern Africa, where Sarah K. Gess has made the study of aculeate Hymenoptera, including these insects, her life's work. The product of more than 20 years of… Expand
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Activity cycle of the pollen wasp, Trimeria howardi (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) in Southeastern Brasil
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Evolution of the suctorial proboscis in pollen wasps (Masarinae, Vespidae).
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