The Politics of Postmodernism

  title={The Politics of Postmodernism},
  author={Linda Hutcheon},
General editor's preface. Acknowledgements. 1. Representing the postmodern: What is postmodernism? Representation and its politics, Whose postmodernism? Postmodernity, postmodernism, and modernism. 2. Postmodernist representation: De-naturalizing the natural, Photographic discourse, Telling Stories: fiction and history. 3. Re-presenting the past: 'Total history' de-totalized, Knowing the past in the present, The archive as text. 4. The politics of parody: Parodic postmodern representation… 
Irmtraud Morgner's Postmodern Feminism: A Question of Politics
Taking the contradictory reception of Irmtraud Morgner's novel Life and Adventures of Troubadoura Beatriz, As Chronicled by Her Minstrel Laura as a starting point, this essay examines Morgner's novel
57-Dictionary of the Khazars as a postmodern narrative veiling an ultra- nationalistic rhetoric1
Milorad Pavic’s lexicon novel Dictionary of the Khazars is an example of historiographic metafiction which attempts to question the line between the historical and literary narratives. The book
After Orientalism: Culture, Criticism, and Politics in the Third World
Over the last decade, studies of ‘third world’ histories and cultures have come to draw to a very considerable extent upon the theoretical perspectives provided by poststructuralism and
In this article, I seek to examine the story “From the Beginning” from its central poetic feature, that of a congestion of literary references. These references are drawn from other Hebrew
The article investigates the discourse of modernity and postmodernity, modernism and postmodernism in the context of historical changes, processes of globalization, and the development of foreign
Theatre Performance in Postmodernism
Abstract The present paper aims to investigate, in brief, the controversial relationship between postmodernism and modernism; to outline, synthetically, the specific procedures of conceiving theatre
Coordinating Contemporaneity: (Post) Modernity, 9/11, and the Dialectical Imagery of Memento
-Lt is now widely accepted that the debate surrounding postmodernity reached a highpoint with the 1991 publication of Fredric Jameson's article "Postmodernism, or, The Cultural Logic of Late
Who is the "other"?: a postmodern feminist critique of women and development theory and practice.
In the last decade poststructural and postmodern critiques have increasingly dominated the world of scholarship. The grand theories of the past have been called into question; universals have been
Turning back : continuity and difference in modernist and postmodernist reflexivity
The primary function of paintings and novels in Western culture has historically been considered the depiction or description of reality. Over the course of the last century, however, the inherent