The Politics of Narrative, Narrative as Politic: Rethinking Reproductive Justice Frameworks through the South Dakota Abortion Story

  title={The Politics of Narrative, Narrative as Politic: Rethinking Reproductive Justice Frameworks through the South Dakota Abortion Story},
  author={Carly Ann Thomsen},
  journal={Feminist Formations},
  pages={1 - 26}
  • C. Thomsen
  • Published 2015
  • Sociology
  • Feminist Formations
The article examines the 2006 struggle over abortion rights in South Dakota in order to consider the circulation of narratives on two distinct, but intersecting scales: first, the use of women’s individual narratives as a rights-gaining strategy; and second, the narratives that reproductive justice scholars and activists have constructed about these movements. The article argues that the case of the South Dakota abortion wars encourages a rethinking of feminist assumptions regarding the… Expand
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