The Politics of History on the Internet: Cyber-Diasporic Hinduism and the North American Hindu Diaspora

  title={The Politics of History on the Internet: Cyber-Diasporic Hinduism and the North American Hindu Diaspora},
  author={Vinay Lal},
  journal={Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies},
  pages={137 - 172}
  • V. Lal
  • Published 6 July 2011
  • Sociology
  • Diaspora: A Journal of Transnational Studies
Le cyberespace de la diaspora indienne
As part of the e-atlas diaspora, the corpus is a first quantitative exploration of the presence of the Indian diaspora in the cyberspace. The problematic is organized around three axis: first a
Birds of a Caste - How Caste Hierarchies Manifest in Retweet Behavior of Indian Politicians
Tests of odds ratios among the members of LokSabha (lower house of India) find the extent to which their engagement is insular to their own caste group versus other groups, and shed light on an understudied, yet critical, social relation of caste in the study of political behavior on social media.
Faith Movements: Negotiating State, Market, and Civil Society
  • S. Pandya
  • Political Science
    Faith Movements and Social Transformation
  • 2018
The sociopolitical frame of HIFMs is defined by their relationship with global political economy, the nuances of exchange between HIFMs and the state, HIFMs’ relationships with the market, and their
‘Neo-Hindutva’: evolving forms, spaces, and expressions of Hindu nationalism
ABSTRACT The start of this century has seen Hindu nationalism emerge as a more dominant force than ever before. Hindutva is also evolving and shifting in new, surprising, and significant ways,
‘So called caste’: S. N. Balagangadhara, the Ghent School and the Politics of grievance**
This article is concerned with the small but coherent lobby of political scholarship that has emerged from a lineage of research supervision which centres on the charisma and ideas of S. N.
The Indernet: From Internet Portal to the Social Web
The article argues that the individualised usage of social media and the flow of Facebook make it much harder for ethnic entrepreneurs to create a space of natio-ethno-cultural belonging.
A call to multiple arms! protesting the commoditization of hindu imagery in western society
ABSTRACT Over the past two decades, with the explosion of all things yoga, Hindu imagery has become part of an “Indo-chic” marketing trend, which has seen the mass production of henna, bindis, yoga
Re-Assembling Ghana: Diaspora and Innovation in the African Mediascape
Author(s): Royston, Reginold Alexander | Advisor(s): Laguerre, Michel S.; Burrell, Jenna | Abstract: The notion of the "network society" has been used to describe world relations since the wide


India briefing : a transformative fifty years
This edition marks the 50th anniversary of Indian independence and the 10th anniversary of the series. It provides analysis of and context for political, economic, social and cultural developments in
The Zapatista Social Netwar in Mexico
From the Publisher: This study was prepared for a research project on "Stability and the Military in Mexico." The research was sponsored by Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence and was conducted
Globalization: The Human Consequences
Introduction. 1. Time and Class. 2. Space Wars: a Career Report. 3. After the Nation--state -- What?. 4. Tourists and Vagabonds. 5. Global Law, Local Orders. Notes. Index.
International Capital on “Silicon Plateau”: Work and Control in India's Computer Industry
If workers in industrialized countries lose out when jobs go overseas, do workers in developing countries benefit when jobs come from overseas ? This article uses the recent influx of foreign capital
Postmodernism and the other : the new imperialism of Western culture
Introduction: 'Be Seeing You' 1. Take Me, I'm Yours 2. The Joys of Cynical Power 3. A Grand Memory For Forgetting 4. Recycling Shampoo 5. Convenient Fictions 6. The Fairy Tales of Science 7. The
Data Smog: Surviving the Information Glut
Media scholar and cyber-pundit David Shank deftly dismantles all the hype and exposes the unsettling impact of information overload, or data smog, on the authors' individual well-being and on their society at large.
The South Asian Americans
Series Foreword Preface South Asian Civilizations Definition, Geography, Early History Religion and Society Muslim Rule and Mughlai Culture Colonialism and Its Impact Independence and Nation-Building
Three Meanings of "Diaspora," Exemplified among South Asian Religions
'DIASPORA' is the term often used today to describe practically any population which is considered 'deterritorialised' or 'transnational'-that is, which has originated in a land other than which it
Ancient Banyan: an Inquiry into the Meaning of ‘Hinduness’
Cet article suggere, a l'encontre d'une perspective comparative et dans un contexte philosophique, une approche renouvelee de l'etude de l'hindouisme. Apres avoir indique comment la religion en