The Politics of Consumption/The Consumption of Politics

  title={The Politics of Consumption/The Consumption of Politics},
  author={Dhavan V. Shah and Douglas M. McLeod and Lewis A. Friedland and Michelle R. Nelson},
  journal={The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science},
  pages={15 - 6}
As consumer culture pervades the social life of citizens in America and Europe, it becomes increasingly important to clarify the relationship between consumption and citizenship. With this in mind, faculty and students at the University of Wisconsin organized a conference titled “The Politics of Consumption/The Consumption of Politics.” Held in October 2006, the meeting provided a forum for leading scholars to discuss the interplay of markets, media, politics, and the citizen-consumer. Revised… 

Coffee Activism and the Politics of Fair Trade and Ethical Consumption in the Global North: Political Consumerism and Cultural Citizenship

In a politically uncertain and distrusted world, citizens appear to be seeking political expression in their everyday lives and quite prominently in their consumption practices. In advanced consumer

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This article examines whether social class influences the likelihood of engaging in political consumerism in Western Europe. Political consumption is the intentional buying or abstention from buying


The political battles of the interwar period—in France as elsewhere—are inconceivable without the agency of the press. This article contributes to a deeper understanding of mass politics by focusing

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This article reflects upon the ways television changed the political landscape and considers how far new media, such as the Internet, are displacing television or reconfiguring the political

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Political consumerism is often criticized for its failure to cross class lines, a failure linked to the economic resources and cultural capital of affluent consumers. The early history of the

Consumer Culture and the Making of Modern Jewish Identity

Antisemitic stereotypes of Jews as capitalists have hindered research into the economic dimension of the Jewish past. The figure of the Jew as trader and financier dominated the nineteenth and

“Consumocracia”. El consumo político como forma de participación de la ciudadanía

Political consumerism is a form of participation in which citizens use the market to express their political concerns. Making the purchase of a product (buycot) or not (boycott) is a justified

Sustainability and New Visions of Consumers Sovereignty and Utility

In his widely known work La société de consommation, the French cultural critic Jean Baudrillard thus summed up contemporary society: ‘Just as medieval society was balanced on God and the Devil, so

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This article examines critically the claims that digital networks (digital media infrastructures, especially social media platforms) fundamentally change the conditions of politics over the longer

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In addition to canonical political actions, political consumerism, i.e. using market purchases to express political and societal concerns, is becoming a new form of political participation, and it



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Historians and social scientists analyzing the contemporary world unfortunately have too little contact and hence miss some of the ways that their interests overlap and the research of one field

The UnCivic Culture: Communication, Identity, and the Rise of Lifestyle Politics

  • W. Bennett
  • Political Science
    PS: Political Science & Politics
  • 1998
by W. Lance Bennett University of Washington I t is a great honor to deliver the Ithiel de Sola Pool Lecture. Ithiel Pool was one of the grand visionaries of the modern social sciences. As a founder

Consumerism in Twentieth-Century Britain: The Search for a Historical Movement

Introduction: luxury's shadow Part I. Necessity: 1. Socialism, cooperation, free trade and fair trade: the politics of consumption in the nineteenth century 2. Revolutionary shoppers: the Consumers'

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Scholars in various fields have speculated that the commercialization of mass media has contributed to the decline of civic culture. They contend that the personal needs emphasized by

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Both anecdotal and case-study evidence have long suggested that consumer behavior such as the buying or boycotting of products and services for political and ethical reasons can take on political

The Internet and Civic Engagement: The Age of the Citizen-Consumer

Dr. Railly, you are giving alarmists a bad name . . . the planet cannot survive the excesses of the human race . . . proliferation of nuclear weapons, pollution of land, sea and air, the rape of the

Criticizing the critics of advertising: towards a sociological view of marketing

ness through language’ and that it is ’at the best, a stupid waste of good human resources and at the worst, a wicked misuse of other people’ (Hoggart, 1968: 54). Other critics are outraged by what

Possessions and the Extended Self

Our possessions are a major contributor to and reflection of our identities. A variety of evidence is presented supporting this simple and compelling premise. Related streams of research are