The Political Opposition and Democracy in Macao: Revolutionaries or Loyalists? 1

  title={The Political Opposition and Democracy in Macao: Revolutionaries or Loyalists? 1},
  author={Eilo Yu Wing-yat and Natalie Chin Ka-man},
  journal={Government and Opposition},
  pages={97 - 116}
Abstract This article examines the nature of political opposition in the Macao Special Administrative Region (MSAR) to give us an understanding of its role in and approach to political reform in the territory. It explores the emergence of the pro-democracy opposition in Macao since the end of the colonial era and the self-perception of pro-democratic opposition groups in the MSAR regime, and argues that the majority of opposition groups perceive themselves as ‘loyal’ opponents to the current… 
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Studies in opposition

the Transformation from Excluded Political Opposition Parties to Human Rights Organization in Post-Communist Uzbekistan', Government and Opposition

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