The Politano-Leadbetter antireflux plasty. Investigation of complications in 245 children.


From 1981 to 1988 245 children aged 2 months to 15 years underwent ureteral reimplantation in 326 renal units in our department. The VUR was primary in 180 patients (253 ureters) and 65 patients (73 ureters) showed associated pathologies. The follow-up program, including physical examination, urine sampling and isotope studies (including NMCU), was from 4 to 11 years after surgery. Intraoperative and early surgical complications were found in 29 cases, but no complications affected the late results, especially kidney function. Late complications have been observed in 15 cases, while in 10 cases reoperation because of persistent reflux (n = 4) obstruction (n = 3) and loss of kidney function (nephrectomy n = 3) was required. In 4 cases bladder stones required ESWL, and one patient developed hypertension.


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