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The Policy Scientist of Democracy: The Discipline

  title={The Policy Scientist of Democracy: The Discipline},
  author={J. Farr and J. Hacker and Nicole Kazee},
The “policy scientist of democracy” was a model for engaged scholarship invented and embodied by Harold D. Lasswell. This disciplinary persona emerged in Lasswell’s writings and wartime consultancies during the 1940s, well before he announced in his APSA presidential address, printed in the Review precisely 50 years ago, that political science was “the policy science par excellence.” The policy scientist of democracy knew all about the process of elite decision making, and he put his knowledge… Expand
The policy scientist of democracy revisited
A recent appraisal by Farr et al. (Am Polit Sci Rev 100:579–587 2006) credited Lasswell with raising important questions of professional responsibility for political science. However, the appraisalExpand
Does the Digital Age Require New Models of Democracy? – Lasswell’s Policy Scientist of Democracy vs. Liquid Democracy
This essay provides a debate about Lasswell’s policy scientist of democracy (PSOD, 1948) in comparison to the model of liquid democracy (21 st century) based on the question if the digital ageExpand


Democratic Values and the Policy Sciences
Theory: The policy sciences and democracy are increasingly viewed as inseparable in both theory and practice. Argument: The "policy sciences of democracy" are disturbingly vague as to precisely whatExpand
Policy Sciences of Democracy
Years ago, Harold Lasswell promised a policy science of democracy, but to date, the author of this article contends, most efforts at policy analysis have proven subtly antidemocratic and of dubiousExpand
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HE POLICY SCIENCES of any civilization or of any historical period mobilize intellectual resources to meet the challenge of the great and continuing problems of the age. A relatively distinctive bodyExpand
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Harold D. Lasswell's Political World: Weak Tea for Hard Times
I first encountered the work of Harold Lasswell in the late 1950s, when I was a barely awake undergraduate at a university whose reputation for mediocrity was richly deserved. I opened Politics: WhoExpand
Harold Lasswell; Policy Scientist for a Democratic Society
  • D. Easton
  • Political Science
  • The Journal of Politics
  • 1950
In recent years the social sciences have come under attack from an increasing number of directions. Laymen have been perennially sceptical of their utility. In fact the social sciences have made soExpand
Social Science and the Sources of Policy: 1951–1970
The Goals of "Policy Science" in 1951 In the Foreword to The Policy Sciences, Rothwell stated that the first step in the formulation and execution of policy is "a clarification of goals."2Expand
▪ Abstract Harold D. Lasswell's extensive and wide-ranging books and essays are extraordinarily rich sources of ideas, methods, and topics for the study of political behavior. Whether and how theExpand
The Garrison State
The garrison state is a "developmental construct" about the future course of world-politics, whose function is to stimulate the individual specialist to clarify for himself his expectations about theExpand