The Polar Express: Copyright restrictions prevent ACM from providing the full text for this work.

  title={The Polar Express: Copyright restrictions prevent ACM from providing the full text for this work.},
  author={Chris Van Allsburg},
  booktitle={SIGGRAPH '04},
Narrators 1-8 Narrator 1: On Christmas Eve, many years ago, I lay quietly in my bed. I did not rustle the sheets. I breathed slowly and silently. I was listening for a sound-a sound a friend had told me I'd never hear-ringing bells of Santa's sleigh. Narrator 2 There's no Santa Narrator 3: my friend insisted, but I knew he was wrong. Late that night I did hear the sounds, though not of ringing bells. Narrator 4: From outside came the sounds of hissing steam and squeaking metal. I looked through… 
Human Photogrammetry: Foundational Techniques for Creative Practitioners
Photogrammetry has emerged as a leading approach for photorealistic digital replication and 3D scanning of real-world objects, particularly in areas of cinematic visual effects and interactive
Uncanny Valley in Video Games: An Overview | doi: 10.14746/hl.2019.12.7
The uncanny valley is an idea proposed by Masahiro Mori (1970) regarding negative emotions present in contacts with almost humanlike characters. In the beginning, it was considered only in the
Niepewność w grach – potencjalne korzyści i straty
The aim of the article is to indicate different types of uncertainty in games and to present them in the light of neurophysiological research and selected theories of motivation. The paper analyses
Engaging Students in Traditional and Digital Storytelling to Make Connections Between Pedagogy and Children’s Experiences
Traditional and digital storytelling is a powerful literacy tool which engage students in making connections between pedagogy and academic content. Definitions of traditional and digital
Learning to Generate 3D Stylized Character Expressions from Humans
We present ExprGen, a system to automatically generate 3D stylized character expressions from humans in a perceptually valid and geometrically consistent manner. Our multi-stage deep learning system
From personal to public: field books, museums, and the opening of the archives
Abstract Large museums contain diverse collections, often including specimens, artefacts, archives, and publications. At the intersection of many of these are natural history field books, which are
Human Perception of Animacy in Light of the Uncanny Valley Phenomenon
In three studies, the uncanny valley hypothesis is corroborated, suggesting that the uncanny feeling may serve a function to wary humans of the potential danger of entities crossing the animate–inanimate boundary.
Has Uncanny Valley Feeling an Impact on Learning: A Preliminary Experiment Performed in a French Elementary School
In order to test the eventual impact of uncanny feeling, as theorized by the Mori " s concept of uncanny valley, on learning, we proposed to a class of 26 pupils of mean age 8 years5 months to
Appealing Avatars from 3D Body Scans: Perceptual Effects of Stylization
This work presents a novel automatic stylization technique for body shape and colour information based on a statistical 3D model of human bodies and finds that the most appealing avatar is a partially stylized one.