The Point of No Return: Refugees, Rights, and Repatriation

  title={The Point of No Return: Refugees, Rights, and Repatriation},
  author={Katy R. Long},
Introduction: Refugees and Citizens 1. Repatriation, Refugees, and Returning Home 2. Patria, Protection and the Social Contract 3. Repatriation: a Historical Perspective 4. Repatriation after 1955: New Settings, Same Questions 5. Voluntary Repatriation after 1992: Continuing Crises 6. Repatriation in the Twenty-First Century: Learning History's Lessons? 7. The Ethics of Voluntary Repatriation 8. Repatriation as Reconciliation: the Community Dynamics of Return 9. Repatriation without Return? 10… CONTINUE READING
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