The Poetics of Pattern Recognition: William Gibson's Shifting Technological Subject

  title={The Poetics of Pattern Recognition: William Gibson's Shifting Technological Subject},
  author={A. Wetmore},
  journal={Bulletin of Science, Technology \& Society},
  pages={71 - 80}
  • A. Wetmore
  • Published 2007
  • Sociology
  • Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society
William Gibson's 1984 cyberpunk novel Neuromancer continues to be a touchstone in cultural representations of the impact of new information and communication technologies on the self. As critics have noted, the posthumanist, capital-driven, urban landscape of Neuromancer resembles a Foucaultian vision of a panoptically engineered social space in which no activity (even unofficial and illegal activity) eludes the disciplinary gaze of power. On the other hand, William Gibson's latest novel… Expand


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