The Pleiades in the Belarusian Tradition: Folklore Texts and Linguistic Areal Studies

  title={The Pleiades in the Belarusian Tradition: Folklore Texts and Linguistic Areal Studies},
  author={Tsimafei Avilin},
  journal={Folklore: Electronic Journal of Folklore},
  • Tsimafei Avilin
  • Published 1 August 2018
  • Linguistics
  • Folklore: Electronic Journal of Folklore
This paper presents an analysis of Belarusian names for the Pleiades and their distribution in the territory of Belarus. Based on areal and ethnolinguistic studies, the author proposes the division of astronyms with the volos, vis, and stažar bases into two separate groups. Such an approach helps to understand parallels in astronyms of different groups and to provide another way of reconstructing the Old Slavonic astronym vłasiežjełišči. keywords: areal studies in linguistics, astronyms… 

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