The Plasminogen Receptor, Plg-RKT, and Macrophage Function

  title={The Plasminogen Receptor, Plg-RKT, and Macrophage Function},
  author={Lindsey A. Miles and Shahrzad Lighvani and Nagyung Baik and Nicholas M. Andronicos and Emily I. Chen and Caitlin M. Parmer and Sophia Konstantinovna Khaldoyanidi and Jenna Elizabeth Diggs and William Bill Kiosses and Mark P. Kamps and John R. Yates and Robert J. Parmer},
  booktitle={Journal of biomedicine & biotechnology},
When plasminogen binds to cells its activation to plasmin is markedly enhanced compared to the reaction in solution. Thus, cells become armed with the broad spectrum proteolytic activity of plasmin. Cell-surface plasmin plays a key role in macrophage recruitment during the inflammatory response. Proteins exposing basic residues on the cell surface promote plasminogen activation on eukaryotic cells. We have used a proteomics approach combining targeted proteolysis with carboxypeptidase B and… CONTINUE READING


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