The Planck constant and its units

  title={The Planck constant and its units},
  author={Philip R. Bunker and Ian M. Mills and Per Jensen},
  journal={Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer},
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Angles in the SI: treating the radian as an independent, unhidden unit does not require the redefinition of the term ‘frequency’ or the unit hertz
Some recent papers have argued that frequency should have the dimensions of angle/time, with the consequences that 1 Hz = 2π rad/s instead of 1 s-1, and also that ν = ω and h = ħ. This letter puts
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We examine implications of angles having their own dimension, in the same sense as do lengths, masses, etc. The conventional practice in scientific applications involving trigonometric or exponential
Proposal for the dimensionally consistent treatment of angle and solid angle by the International System of Units (SI)
Because of continued confusion caused by the SI’s interpretation of angle and solid angle as dimensionless quantities (and the radian and steradian as dimensionless derived units), it is time for the
Outdoor Cultivation of the Microalga Chlorella vulgaris in a New Photobioreactor Configuration: The Effect of Ultraviolet and Visible Radiation
The application of CPCs to photobioreactors (PBRs) may be beneficial for microalgal culture in countries with higher latitude (with lower solar irradiance levels) and then decreased for higher ones due to the photoinhibition phenomenon.


On the units radian and cycle for the quantity plane angle
This paper is concerned with the names and symbols for quantities used to describe oscillatory motion such as for a harmonic oscillator, and the units to be used for the quantity plane angle and
Dimensionless units in the SI
The International System of Units (SI) is supposed to be coherent. That is, when a combination of units is replaced by an equivalent unit, there is no additional numerical factor. Here we consider
On the Theory of quantum mechanics
The new mechanics of the atom introduced by Heisenberg may be based on the assumption that the variables that describe a dynamical system do not obey the commutative law of multiplication, but
A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism
IN his deservedly celebrated treatise on “Sound,” the late Sir John Herschel felt himself justified in saying, “It is vain to conceal the melancholy truth. We are fast dropping behind. In Mathematics
Data and analysis for the CODATA 2017 special fundamental constants adjustment
The special least-squares adjustment of the values of the fundamental constants, carried out by the Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA) in the summer of 2017, is described in
Ueber das Gesetz der Energieverteilung im Normalspectrum
Die neueren Spekfralmessungen von O. Lummer und E. Pringsheim 4) und noch auffalliger diejenigen von H. Rubens und F. Kurlbaum 5), welche zugleich ein frUher von H. Beckmann 1) erhaltenes Resultat
Fundamentals of Molecular Symmetry
PART 1: SPECTROSCOPY AND THE QUANTUM STATES OF MOLECULES Molecular spectroscopy Quantum mechanics Electronic states Vibrational states Rotational states PART 2: SYMMETRY AND SYMMETRY GROUPS
Uber einen die Erzeugung und Verwandlung des Lichtes betreffenden heuristischen Gesichtspunkt
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