The Planck-LFI flight model composite waveguides

  title={The Planck-LFI flight model composite waveguides},
  author={O. D'Arcangelo and L. Figini and Alessandro Simonetto and F.Villa and Michele Pecora and Paola Battaglia and M. Bersanelli and Reginald Christophe Butler and F. Cuttaia and Sb Garavaglia and Pietro Hiram Guzzi and Nazareno Mandolesi and Aniello Mennella and Gianluca Morgante and Luca Pagan and Luca Valenziano},
The Low Frequency Instrument on board the PLANCK satellite is designed to give the most accurate map ever of the CMB anisotropy of the whole sky over a broad frequency band spanning 27 to 77 GHz. It is made of an array of 22 pseudo-correlation radiometers, composed of 11 actively cooled (20 K) Front End Modules (FEMs), and 11 Back End Modules (BEMs) at 300K, each FEM and BEM set comprising two radiometers. The connection between the two parts is made with rectangular Wave Guides (WGs… CONTINUE READING


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