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The Pig and the Postwar Dream: The San Juan Island Dispute, 1853-1872, in History and Memory

  title={The Pig and the Postwar Dream: The San Juan Island Dispute, 1853-1872, in History and Memory},
  author={Gordon Robert Lyall},
  • G. Lyall
  • Published 2013
  • History, Political Science
Historical events are framed by the actors of the time and then re-framed by subsequent historians and the public. This thesis examines the historiography of the San Juan Island Dispute, 1853-1871, known colloquially in the twentieth century as the “Pig War.” In 1859, after an American settler on San Juan shot a pig owned by the Hudson’s Bay Company, the American military and the British Royal Navy met in a tense stand-off resulting in a twelve year joint-military occupation of the island. This… 


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