The Pierre Auger Cosmic Ray Observatory

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  • Physics
  • Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section A-accelerators Spectrometers Detectors and Associated Equipment
The Pierre Auger Observatory and its Upgrade
The Pierre Auger Observatory was built to study cosmic rays of the highest energies. It is installed in the Departments of Malargüe and San Rafael in the Province of Mendoza, Argentina. The
The Pierre Auger Observatory status and latest results
The Pierre Auger Observatory, in Argentina, is the present flagship experiment studying ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays (UHECRs). Facing the challenge due to low cosmic-ray flux at the highest energies,
Highlights from the Pierre Auger Observatory
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    Proceedings of Frontier Research in Astrophysics – III — PoS(FRAPWS2018)
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The existence of a cosmic ray flux of a still unknown origin with particles reaching energies millions of times higher than those attained at the LHC continues to intrigue the scientific community.
The Pierre Auger Observatory: Review of Latest Results and Perspectives
The Pierre Auger Observatory is the world’s largest operating detection system for the observation of ultra high energy cosmic rays (UHECRs), with energies above 10 17 eV. The detector allows
The Pierre Auger Observatory: latest results and future perspectives
The Pierre Auger Observatory is the largest ultrahigh-energy cosmic ray observatory in the world. The huge amount of high quality data collected since 2004 up to now led to great improvements in our
The Radio detection of inclined showers at the PierreAuger Observatory
  • S. D. Jong
  • Physics
    Proceedings of 40th International Conference on High Energy physics — PoS(ICHEP2020)
  • 2021
Ultra-high-energy cosmic rays (UHECR), of energy >10 EeV, arrive at the Earth regularly, but their sources, acceleration mechanisms, details of propagation through the universe, and particle
Latest results and future prospects of the pierre auger observatory
The Pierre Auger Observatory is the largest observatory for the detection of ultra high energy cosmic rays (UHECRs). It allows a detailed measurement of the energy spectrum, the mass composition and
Energy estimation of cosmic rays with the Engineering Radio Array of the Pierre Auger Observatory
The Auger Engineering Radio Array (AERA) is part of the Pierre Auger Observatory and is used to detect the radio emission of cosmic-ray air showers. These observations are compared to the data of the
Atmospheric Electricity Studies at the Pierre Auger Observatory: Signal Comparisons between Lightning and Cosmic Ray Events
  • K. Merenda
  • Physics, Environmental Science
    EPJ Web of Conferences
  • 2019
The research horizons of the Pierre Auger Cosmic-Ray Observatory widened when the collaboration found exotic (atmospheric) phenomena in both its Fluorescence Detector (FD) and Surface Detector (SD).


Detection of a Cosmic Ray with Measured Energy Well beyond the Expected Spectral Cutoff due to Cosmic Microwave Radiation
We report the detection of a 51-joule (320 +/- 90 EeV) cosmic ray by the Fly's Eye air shower detector in Utah. This is substantially greater than the energy of any previously reported cosmic ray. A
Coronal gamma-ray bursts as the sources of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays?
I consider the possibility that Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays are accelerated in Gamma Ray Bursts located in the Galactic corona, thus circumventing the problem raised by Greisen--Zatsepin--Kuz'min
Extensive Cosmic-Ray Showers
The soft group present at sea level is almost entirely because of the effects of mesotrons, that is, because of their decay electrons and their collision electrons. These electrons should then give
Radiation from cosmic ray air showers
  • F. Kahn, I. Lerche
  • Physics
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A. Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • 1966
Cosmic ray showers passing through the atmosphere produce electromagnetic disturbances. It has been suggested that these can be detected by means of a radio telescope. We set up a simple model for a
Elves : Lightning-induced transient luminous events in the lower ionosphere
Observations of optical phenomena at. high alti- tude a, bove thunderstorms using a multichannel high-speed photometer and image intensified CCD cameras were carried out at Yucca Ridge Field Station
Excess negative charge of an electron-photon shower and its coherent radio emission
We investigate the excess of electrons in an electron-photon shower. This excess is caused by annihilation of the positrons in flight and by the Compton and $\delta$-electrons in the cascade. It is
Energy Spectrum of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays with Extra-Galactic Origin
We carried out a numerical calculation for the propagation of ultra·high energy cosmic ray nucleons in the intergalactic space by a Monte·Carlo method. The resulting energy spectrum above 10'8 eV is
Capabilities of a giant hybrid air shower detector
Cosmological gamma-ray bursts and the highest energy cosmic rays.
  • Waxman
  • Physics
    Physical review letters
  • 1995
A scenario in which the highest energy cosmic rays (CR's) and cosmological-ray bursts (GRB's) have a common origin is discussed, consistent with the observed CR flux above 1${0}^{20}$ eV.