The Pia ’s Subtle Sustain: Contemporary Ethnic Identity and the Revitalization of the Lanna “Heart Harp”

  title={The Pia ’s Subtle Sustain: Contemporary Ethnic Identity and the Revitalization of the Lanna “Heart Harp”},
  author={Andrew Clay Mcgraw},
  journal={Asian Music},
  pages={115 - 142}
  • A. Mcgraw
  • Published 13 August 2007
  • Art
  • Asian Music
����� ��� In 1969, a young American ethnomusicologist, Gerald Dyck, spent several months documenting performances of folk music in northern Thailand. Dyck was especially interested in musical traditions that remained distinct from modern, Siam-ized ensembles. In a village outside of the old northern capital of Chiang Mai, Dyck discovered an elderly musician named Nai Tun who was able to play a then rarely seen instrument known as the pin pia. 1 The pin pia, an extremely quiet two to fichest… 
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