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The Physics of the Coronal Line Region for Galaxies in MaNGA

  title={The Physics of the Coronal Line Region for Galaxies in MaNGA},
  author={James Negus and Julia M. Comerford and Francisco Muller S'anchez and Jorge K. Barrera-Ballesteros and Niv Drory and Sandro B. Rembold and Rogemar A. Riffel},
The fundamental nature and extent of the coronal line region (CLR), which may serve as a vital tracer for Active Galactic Nucleus (AGN) activity, remain unresolved. Previous studies suggest that the CLR is produced by AGN-driven outflows and occupies a distinct region between the broad line region and the narrow line region, which places it tens to hundreds of parsecs from the galactic center. Here, we investigate 10 coronal line (CL; ionization potential & 100 eV) emitting galaxies from the… 


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  • 2019
Top row (left to right): SDSS optical image and [NeV] λ3347 flux map for J1614. Bottom row (left to right): [NeV] λ3427 flux map and