The Physics of Blown Sand and Desert Dunes

  title={The Physics of Blown Sand and Desert Dunes},
  author={Harold Heywood},
LIEUT.–COLONEL BAGNOLD is well kno for his scientific publications on desert sands and dunes, and for a book describing his travels in the Egyptian and Libyan Deserts. The present book combines these papers and much other original research into one comprehensive volume, which would, however, have possessed an added interest to readers if the introduction had included some reference to the author's work as a pioneer of motor travel in the desert. Descriptions of desert features in various parts… 

The study of desert dunes in Australia

Abstract Most of the early explorers were bewildered by the features they encountered in the Australian deserts, but Sturt's observations led him to speculate on the origin of the sand ridges that

Sand Dune Encroachment and Desertification Processes of the Rigboland Sand Sea, Central Iran

This study has trialed a change detection technique which uses a Cross-Tabulation module to compare two available LandsatTM images over the Rigboland sand sea, central Iran, and indicates that within a ten-year span more than 200 ha/yr were added to the RigBoland sandSea.

Aeolian transport and dune formation

Granular materials like sand typically exist inside of a fluid like air or water. If this fluid is in motion, it will exert forces on the grains and in that way create a particle flux. This transport

The Nubia Sandstone (Nubia Group), Western Desert, Egypt: An Overview

No information was given about the outcropping of the Nubia sandstone in the Great Sand Sea in the Western Desert of Egypt and actually very scarce and insufficient information has been written on

Desert sediments: ancient and modern

  • K. Glennie
  • Environmental Science
    Geological Society, London, Special Publications
  • 1987
Tropical deserts have existed sporodically on our planet from the Precambrian to the Present, and seem not to have been a permanent feature of its surface (Glennie 1987). Depending on their

Vegetated dunes and barchan dune fields

Desertification is closely related to aeolian sediment transport, including sand dunes formation, evolution and migration. Sand dunes propagate in huge clusters of thousand of dunes with an internal

Sand Seas and Dune Fields of Egypt

The article reviews the state of knowledge about distribution, sizes, dynamics, and ages of all sand seas (N = 6) and dune fields (N = 10) in Egypt (1,001,450 km2). However, chronological data

Minimal model for aeolian sand dunes.

We present a minimal model for the formation and migration of aeolian sand dunes in unidirectional winds. It combines a perturbative description of the turbulent wind velocity field above the dune

Dunes on Pluto

Observations from the New Horizons spacecraft are described of regularly spaced, linear ridges whose morphology, distribution, and orientation are consistent with being transverse dunes that are located close to mountainous regions and are orthogonal to nearby wind streaks.