The Physcomitrella Genome Reveals Evolutionary Insights into the Conquest of Land by Plants

  title={The Physcomitrella Genome Reveals Evolutionary Insights into the Conquest of Land by Plants},
  author={S. Rensing and D. Lang and A. Zimmer and A. Terry and A. Salamov and H. Shapiro and T. Nishiyama and Pierre-François Perroud and Erika A Lindquist and Y. Kamisugi and Takako Tanahashi and Keiko Sakakibara and T. Fujita and Kazuko Oishi and T. Shin-I and Y. Kuroki and A. Toyoda and Y. Suzuki and S. Hashimoto and Kazuo Yamaguchi and S. Sugano and Y. Kohara and A. Fujiyama and Aldwin M Anterola and S. Aoki and N. Ashton and W. Barbazuk and Elizabeth Barker and J. Bennetzen and R. Blankenship and S. Cho and S. Dutcher and M. Estelle and Jeffrey A. Fawcett and H. Gundlach and K. Hanada and A. Heyl and K. Hicks and J. Hughes and M. Lohr and K. Mayer and A. Melkozernov and T. Murata and D. Nelson and Birgit Pils and M. Prigge and B. Reiss and Tanya Renner and S. Rombauts and P. Rushton and A. Sanderfoot and G. Schween and Shin-Han Shiu and K. St{\"u}ber and F. Theodoulou and H. Tu and Y. van de Peer and P. Verrier and E. Waters and A. Wood and Lixing Yang and D. Cove and A. Cuming and M. Hasebe and S. Lucas and B. Mishler and R. Reski and I. Grigoriev and R. Quatrano and J. Boore},
  pages={64 - 69}
  • S. Rensing, D. Lang, +67 authors J. Boore
  • Published 2008
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Science
  • We report the draft genome sequence of the model moss Physcomitrella patens and compare its features with those of flowering plants, from which it is separated by more than 400 million years, and unicellular aquatic algae. This comparison reveals genomic changes concomitant with the evolutionary movement to land, including a general increase in gene family complexity; loss of genes associated with aquatic environments (e.g., flagellar arms); acquisition of genes for tolerating terrestrial… CONTINUE READING
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