The Phonemes of Orizaba Nahuatl

  title={The Phonemes of Orizaba Nahuatl},
  author={Theodore R. Goller and Patricia L. Goller and Viola Grace Waterhouse},
  journal={International Journal of American Linguistics},
  pages={126 - 131}
0. Characterizing features of Aztec languages presented by Voegelin, Voegelin, and Hale' are (1) exceptional symmetry of matching continuant and stop series, (2) a 2(FB) vowel system (? vowel length, predictable stress), (3) nonoccurrence of the R series. Orizaba Nahuatl (ON)2 exhibits only the first of these, since along with Pochutla3 it has the 2(FB) over N vowel system postulated for Proto Aztec4 plus phonemic stress, and occurrence of the r in a few words of native origin. The phoneme… 
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Inalterability as prespecification
L'inalterabilite des geminees est un phenomene connu : une regle touchant des segments singletons ne peut modifier des geminees comparables. L'article developpe une theorie de prespecification qui


] an angry person; sihyoh "xijyoj
    Smell it ! ihfitl "ijfitl" [ih. fitl] feather. Still others: sintle "sintle
      ma?] I am cooking; tlahkilo6wa "tlajcuilohua
        ] my dear young lady; nitlatskWa "nitlachcua" [ni. tlats. kwa? ] I am digging. Other examples: mistle "mixtle