The Phlebotomus of Taiwan.

  title={The Phlebotomus of Taiwan.},
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  journal={Journal of medical entomology},
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  • M. Cates, J. Lien
  • Published 1 November 1970
  • Biology
  • Journal of medical entomology
The phlebotomine fauna of Taiwan appears to be closely associated with that of mainland China and Indochina. At present it consists of 4 species, one representing a new subspecies, viz., kiangsuensis Yao & Wu, barraudi Sinton, squamipleuris Newstead and iyengari taiwanensis n. ssp. The first species belongs to the subgenus Phlebotomus sen. str., the remaining ones to Sergentomyia . A key to the species as well as measurements, illustrations, and local distributional records for each are… 
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