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The Philosophy of Moral Development Moral Stages and the Idea of Justice

  title={The Philosophy of Moral Development Moral Stages and the Idea of Justice},
  author={Lawrence Kohlberg},
Prosocial development in early adulthood: a longitudinal study.
Interview and objective measures of moral reasoning were substantially interrelated in late adolescence/early adulthood and correlated with participants' and friends' reports of a prosocial disposition.
A review of Kohlberg’s theory and its applicability in the South African context through the lens of early childhood development and violence
ABSTRACT Kohlberg’s theory of moral development has maintained a dominant position in cognitive moral development literature over several decades. This universal influence has been particularly
The Effects of Environmental Education Learning Activities Using Area-Based Learning in Khok Hin Lad Community Forest in Maha Sarakham, Thailand
The purposes of this research were to study and compare knowledge about Khok Hin Lad community forest, environmental ethics, and environmental volunteers from learning activities of undergraduate
Geoethics for Nudging Human Practices in Times of Pandemics
This essay explores the geoethical approach, re-casts geoethics within western philosophical systems, such as the Kantian imperatives, Kohlberg scale of moral adequacy, Jonas' imperative of responsibility, and advances a geoethical thesis.
Relationship Between Spiritual Intelligence and Ethical Decision Making in Iranian Nurses
Background: Nurses, on a daily basis, face ethical dilemmas that arise from situations involving conflicting values or beliefs. Overall, ethical decision making of nurses seems to be a challenging
Embedding values in the South African curriculum: by design or default?
This article explores the way in which values education is incorporated in the Life Orientation (LO) curriculum of the Senior Phase (Grades 7–9) i in South Africa. Researchers agree that in the light
Personal variables, organisational variables and moral intensity dimensions underlying external auditors' ethical decision making: Egyptian evidence
Academic and professional attention towards ethics in business in general and audit ethics in particular has grown significantly following well-documented audit failures and corporate scandals.
The Experience of Health System Leaders in Meeting Patients' Spiritual Needs
The purpose of this phenomenological study was to explore the experience of multidisciplinary healthcare leaders in creating a culture that meets hospitalized patients’ spiritual needs. My major