The Philosophy of Living Ethics and Its Interpreters

  title={The Philosophy of Living Ethics and Its Interpreters},
  author={L. M. Gindilis and V. V. Frolov},
  journal={Russian Studies in Philosophy},
  pages={65 - 90}
  • L. M. Gindilis, V. V. Frolov
  • Published 2002
  • Sociology
  • Russian Studies in Philosophy
  • In many ways the twentieth century was a turning point in the history of mankind. Rebellious social forces defied any reasonable explanation. Philosophical theories of society (including Marxism) that had previously been considered true turned out to be inapplicable to the analysis of new historical processes. To an even greater extent than before, religion began to be used by its ministers in the service of corporate and political interests. The hope of solving the problems of human existence… CONTINUE READING


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