The Petrology of Thingmuli, a Tertiary Volcano in Eastern Iceland

  title={The Petrology of Thingmuli, a Tertiary Volcano in Eastern Iceland},
  author={Ian Carmichael},
  journal={Journal of Petrology},
The Tertiary flood-basalt sequence of eastern Iceland is intermittently disturbed by central volcanic activity with the voluminous eruption of acid magma. Associated with one of these central volcanoes, described in this paper, is an intense swarm of acid and basic dykes, a set of acid cone-sheets, and extensive superimposed hydrothermal alteration. The lavas and intrusions which make up the volcano grade in composition from olivine-tholeiites, through olivine-free tholeiites, basaltic… Expand
Accretionary volcanic processes and the crystal structure of Iceland
Abstract The geology of the Quaternary axial zones in Iceland is dominated by the occurrence of well-defined volcanic centres, such as Krafla (65°40'N, 16°40'W) marked by the occurrence of a calderaExpand
Volcanic rocks of methana, South Aegean arc, Greece
Cale-alkalic lavas and associated intrusives and cognate xenoliths, from the peninsula of Methana, are comparable geochemically with similar lavas from elsewhere in the South Aegean arc. At leastExpand
Petrogenesis of the Proterozoic Gawler Range Volcanics, South Australia
Abstract The post-orogenic, bimodal Gawler Range volcano-plutonic province developed in South Australia between 1600 and 1500 Ma ago. Vast felsic ash-flow tuff units and intercalated, volumetricallyExpand
Petrology and geochemistry of the Banks Peninsula volcanoes, South Island, New Zealand
Within the volcanic sequence of the twin volcanoes of Lyttelton and Akaroa, Banks Peninsula, New Zealand a number of different magma series have been distinguished.An early series of hawaiitesExpand
The geochemistry and petrology of tertiary basalt lavas from east Greenland
The 2,660m-thick basalt pile described in this thesis represents one of the upper parts, which were extruded predominantly under subaerial conditions, of the Tertiary basalt sequence in EastExpand
The petrology and geochemistry of the Medicine Lake Volcano, California
The Medicine Lake shield volcano is part of the Oregon high alumina plateau basalt petrologic province, as defined by Waters (1962) and Higgins (1973). The early eruptions are basaltic andesites andExpand
Formation and Magmatic Evolution of Mashu Volcano, East Hokkaido, Japan
Mashu volcano, located oA the eastern wall of the Kutcharo caldera, east Hokkaido, is composed of lavas and pyroclastic deposits belonging to the successive stages of stratovolcano (ca.17-l2×I03 y.Expand
Rhyolite volcanism in the Krafla central volcano, north-east Iceland
At the Krafla central volcano in north-east Iceland, two main phases of rhyolite volcanism are identified. The earlier phase (last interglacial) is related to the formation of a caldera, whereas theExpand
The Kr6ksfjOrdur central volcano lies on the south-west side of the spit of land which connects the north-west peninsula of Iceland with the mainland (Fig. 1). In the tholeiitic lavas, which make upExpand
Chemistry of miocene plume tholeiites from northwest Iceland
Abstract The earliest (Miocene) plateau basalts of northwest Iceland form an olivine tholeiite series with elevated contents of Ti, K, P, Rb, Ba and Sr. They are closely similar to ‘plume’ tholeiitesExpand


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A succession of nearly 15,000 feet of volcanic rocks, mostly plateau-basalt lavas, is described from the Reydarfjördur area. This area is in the middle of the large Tertiary outcrop of easternExpand
Zeolite Zones and Dike Distribution in Relation to the Structure of the Basalts of Eastern Iceland
Amygdale minerals in the Tertiary basalt lavas of eastern Iceland have a well-marked zonal distribution; the flat-lying zones mapped in the field bear no relationship to the lava stratigraphy and areExpand
The crystallization of feldspar in volcanic acid liquids
  • I. Carmichael
  • Geology
  • Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London
  • 1963
The paths of feldspar crystallization in volcanic acid liquids can be illustrated by the relationship of feldspar phenocrysts to groundmass feldspar in porphyritic pitchstones and rhyolites. In thisExpand
The geochemistry of some natural acid glasses from the North Atlantic Tertiary volcanic province
Abstract This paper deals with the distribution of some trace and major elements in pitchstones from Arran, Eigg and Iceland. The distribution of trace elements in the residual glasses of theExpand
A chemical definition of fractionation stages as a basis for comparison of Hawaiian, Hebridean and other basic lavas
Abstract Accepting that crystal fractionation of basic magma leads to simultaneous increases in the iron ratios ( Fe .. + Mn Fe .. + Mn + Mg ) and the albite ratios ( normative molecular albiteExpand
The geochemistry of some igneous rock series—III
Abstract This is the first of four papers concerning the distribution of some of the commoner trace elements with respect to the major elements in various igneous rock series. The presentExpand
Mugearites and Their Place in Alkali Igneous Rock Series
Mugearite as a petrographic and petrogenetic unit is reviewed in the light of new analyses of the type and new data on the composition and optical properties of its feldspar solid solutions andExpand
Upper crustal structure of Iceland
This report contains the results of the seismic measurements made by a Swedish-Icelandic expedition in Iceland during the months of August and September, 1960. This is a continuation of work startedExpand
Newberry volcano of central Oregon
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS In the preparation of this paper, the writer has been assisted in many ways. It is a pleasure to record thanks due to Cordell Durrell, a graduate student of the University ofExpand
Phase Equilibria at Liquidus Temperatures in the System MgO‐FeO‐Fe2O3‐SiO2
Liquidus temperatures are presented for mixtures in the system MgO-FeO-Fe2O3-SiO2. The standard quenching technique was modified for work under controlled atmospheres of varying O2 pressures. DataExpand