The Persecution of Witches as Restoration of Order: The Case of Germany, 1590s–1650s

  title={The Persecution of Witches as Restoration of Order: The Case of Germany, 1590s–1650s},
  author={Hartmut Lehmann},
  journal={Central European History},
  pages={107 - 121}
  • H. Lehmann
  • Published 1 June 1988
  • History
  • Central European History
From the late sixteenth to the late seventeenth century many of the territories and cities in Central Europe were the scene of witchcraft trials. As recent research shows, it was especially in the years around 1590, 1610, and 1630, and again in the 1650s, that many parts of Germany were overwhelmed by what might be called a tidal wave of witch-hunting, with thousands upon thousands of victims: women mostly, yet also men and children. So far, despite a large number of detailed studies, there is… 
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