The Perioperative Medicine Service: An Innovative Practice at Kaiser Bellflower Medical Center

  • Marcus D Magallanes
  • Published 2002


Marcus D Magallanes, MD, graduated medical school at the University of California, San Diego, and completed internal medicine residency at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. He also completed the Kennamer Fellowship in General Internal Medicine at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, focusing on preoperative assessment and perioperative management. He currently runs the perioperative medicine service at Kaiser Bellflower Medical Center. E-mail: Marcus.D.Magallanes@IREmail. Abstract Context: Perioperative medical care is widely recognized as an integral component of overall surgical case management. The perioperative medicine service at the Kaiser Permanente (KP) Medical Center in Bellflower, California (KPBF) was created to address major problems relating to medical preoperative evaluation and postoperative care, particularly for high-risk patients. Objective: To illustrate successful, innovative practices implemented as functions of the newly formed perioperative medicine service at KPBF. Design: Review of the genesis, structure, and beneficial outcomes of the perioperative medicine service. Main Outcome Measures: Number of canceled surgical procedures and physician satisfaction. Results: In 2000, the number of canceled surgical procedures was reduced by more than half compared with the number of cancellations during 1997. Surgeons, anesthesiologists, and primary care physicians expressed satisfaction with the new perioperative medicine service that led to this reduction. Conclusion: The newly created perioperative medicine service at KPBF has been highly successful and may serve as a model of perioperative medical management for other KP facilities nationally.

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