The Perils of Peace: The Public Health Crisis in Occupied Germany

  title={The Perils of Peace: The Public Health Crisis in Occupied Germany},
  author={Martijn Lak},
  journal={German History},
  • Martijn Lak
  • Published 1 June 2014
  • Political Science
  • German History
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‘There is No Such Thing as an Unrepatriable Pole’: Polish Displaced Persons in the British Zone of Occupation in Germany

A group of Polish displaced persons (DPs) was stranded in the British zone of occupation in 1945, a smaller part of a much broader population upheaval in Europe in the 1940s that included Nazi forced

in the

These findings provide direct evidence that the information of temporal sequences generated in CA3 can be self-similarly represented in the membrane potentials of CA1 pyramidal cells.

‘Fighters without guns’: humanitarianism and military action in the aftermath of the Second World War

Abstract This paper makes a contribution to the debate about the interplay between military action and humanitarian aid. It takes on the case study of post-World War Two Europe and in particular the

De-Nazification and Reeducation: The Making of Socialism in the Soviet Occupation Zone of Germany 1945-1949

In this thesis I have studied the processes of de-Nazification and reeducation carried out by the Soviet Military Administration in Eastern Germany from 1945 to 1949 to create a socialist country. It